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16 April, 2023

Learning by Teaching: Key Challenges and Design Implications

Amy Debbané , Ken Jen Lee, Jarvis Tse, and Edith Law

6 November, 2022

Mia: A Web Platform for Mixed-Initiative Annotation

Jarvis Tse, Alex C. Williams, Joslin Goh, Timothy Player, James H. Brusuelas, and Edith Law

2 May, 2022

Assessing Plant Phenological Patterns in Tropical Brazil 1901–2020

Charles Davis, Goia Lyra, Daniel Park, Hongrui Zhang, Renata Asprino, Rogerio Maruyama, Debora Torquato, Benjamin Cook, Junxi Xie, and Aaron Ellison

3 August, 2020

Urban Heat Islands Accelerate Changes in Flowering Phenology

Aaron Ellison, Ian K. Breckheimer, Goia Lyra, Daniel S. Park, Daniel S. Park, Jarvis Xie, and Charles Davis

31 July, 2020

A New Method for Counting Reproductive Structures in Digitized Herbarium Specimens Using Mask R-CNN

Charles C. Davis, Julien Champ, Daniel S. Park, Ian Breckheimer, Goia M. Lyra, Junxi Xie, Alexis Joly, Dharmesh Tarapore, Aaron M. Ellison, and Pierre Bonnet

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