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Davis Lab at Harvard University

March 2024 – Present

Research Associate (Full-Time)        

I am currently developing machine learning models and data visualization tools for scientific, specifically botany, discovery.

January – February 2024

External Collaborator

Augmented Intelligence Lab at the University of Waterloo

Researcher (Part-Time/Full-Time) 

September 2019 – January 2024

I have been an active member of the Augmented Intelligence Lab at the University of Waterloo in the past few years. I have been involved in projects related to

  • human-AI collaboration;

  • crowdsourcing;

  • conversational agents;

  • learning by teaching;

  • value reflection.

University of Waterloo

May – August 2023

Teaching Assistant (Part-Time)        

I assisted 36 students for CS449/649: Human-Computer Interaction, a course in which the students learned how to design software by understanding the corresponding users. The 36 students were divided into 8 groups; I assisted each group in completing a separate software design for a real-world problem by providing feedback on how to brainstorm ideas, gather information about potential users through interviews, and design usable interfaces.

Davis Lab at Harvard University

June 2021 – December 2022

Researcher (Part-Time)        

My responsibilities include

  • performing automated data collection and cleaning, such as by using computer vision to compare plant specimen images;

  • maintaining CrowdCruio, a website used for crowdsourcing designed to collect image annotations that I previously developed;

  • helping other members of the lab to collect data through crowdsourcing as well as analyzing the collected data.

University of Waterloo

January – April 2022

Teaching Assistant (Part-Time)        

I graded assignments and the final exam and provided students with feedback for improvement for CS116: Introduction to Computer Science 2, a Python course.

Davis Lab at Harvard University

Undergraduate Researcher (Full-Time, Co-op) 

September 2018 – April 2019

I Independently developed CrowdCurio based on its old version. CrowdCurio was an annotation platform that was used by Harvard biologists to collect through crowdsourcing. More than one million plant specimen image annotations were collected using the updated version of CrowdCurio before I left the position.

In addition, I implemented a barcode decoder using open-source libraries, which was used to remove a significant number (>1%) of unwanted plant specimens from Harvard botanists' datasets.

Shoplogix Inc.

Junior Application Engineer (Full-Time, Co-op)

May – August 2017

I improved the user interface and data processing/searching functionalities of the Customer Relationship Management Website. I also wrote data analysis reports. Two of them were chosen as templates for future data analysis reports at Shoplogix.


University of Waterloo

Master of Mathematics in Computer Science (Advisor: Dr. Edith Law)

2022 – 2024

Bachelor of Computer Science with a Specialization in Human-Computer Interaction

 2021 – 2016


CHI 2024 Full-Paper Reviewer

October 2023

  • Reviewed and provided feedback for a full-paper submission.


Undergraduate Student Research Award

September 2020

  • Awarded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

  • Includes CAD $4,500 as research funding.

Co-op Student of the Year Nomination

April 2019

  • Nominated by Dr. Charles Davis, the principal investigator of the Davis Lab at Harvard University. 

  • Received the nomination after working under Dr. Charles Davis' supervision and receiving the rating of “outstanding” (the highest possible rating for co-op students) for two consecutive semesters.

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